Jaguar Reef is known both as a relaxing, beachfront destination and as the very first beach resort in Hopkins, Belize. The resort, which opened its doors over 25 years ago, has grown from a small, off-the-beaten path, beachfront lodge on the southern tip of the village to one of the most popular and iconic beach resorts in the entire country. Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa has been the resort of choice for thousands of travelers who enjoy exquisite accommodations, beachfront dining and easy access to many of the natural wonders that have made Belize a world-class adventure travel destination.

The resort offers guests 28 beachfront suites and cabañas, swimming pools, a spacious upscale restaurant, a wide array of recreational facilities, an adventure tour and activities center and onsite spa services; all available for you to enjoy as an owner of your Savannah Home.

The location, situated on the southern tip of the village in an area also know as False Sittee, has seen a fascinating transition in recent years, growing from a sparsely populated, remote location in the south, to a feature rich recreational community offering a variety of attractions that include restaurants, pubs and cafés; gym facilities, quaint shopping centers; charming open air nightclubs and other enjoyable leisure facilities.

Historically, the location gets its name from the majestic cats that live in the nearby Cockscomb Basin and would sometimes make their way out to the beach to hunt along the shore and enjoy the cool breezes coming in from the reef. The Jaguar is the largest and most powerful cat in the Western hemisphere and the largest carnivorous mammal in Central and South America, growing up to 6 feet long from nose to tail and weighing as much as 350 lbs.

The protected jaguars still call this area home and roam freely throughout the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the very first Jaguar Preserve in the world. These national treasures and the vast wildlife sanctuary are a symbol of Belize’s commitment to nature… a 200 square mile refuge that also serves as a home to the jaguarundi, margays, ocelots, pumas, deer, howler monkeys and the national animal of Belize, the Baird’s Tapir.

Owning a Savannah Home means that Jaguar Reef becomes your playground… an iconic beach resort and an exceptional beachfront location are both yours to enjoy each day. Now that’s what we call living!

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